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Why Does the Stainless Vacuum Flask Rust?

Many people think that stainless steel thermos should not rust, but this is a wrong understanding. Stainless steel in stainless steel means that stainless steel is not easy to rust, but there is still the possibility of rusting under certain conditions or environments. Therefore, it is understandable that the stainless vacuum flask rusts, but what causes the stainless vacuum flask to rust? How to solve it? As a professional vacuum flask supplier, we have summarized the following three reasons through data inquiry and industry experience:

1. Natural aging of stainless vacuum flask

The stainless vacuum flask has been used for a long time and has natural aging phenomenon. If it has been used for more than five years and the protective layer on the outer surface of the cup body has been worn off, it is prone to rust.

Solution: It is recommended to buy a new one. Solid's stainless vacuum flask is of good quality and good price, and the partners who have used it say it is good.

2. Material problems of stainless vacuum flasks

In order to pursue higher profits, the stainless vacuum flask factory cut corners and purchased raw materials that did not meet the national stainless steel utensil production standards, that is, steel that does not contain austenitic stainless steel. Such stainless vacuum flasks may rust within a year or half a year.

Solution: buy a new one. Drinking water from a rusted stainless vacuum flask is also unhealthy for the body.

3. Welding problems of stainless vacuum flasks

If the welding seam is too large, the structure of the protective film on the stainless steel surface around the welding seam will be damaged. In addition, if the painting is not enough, the paint will fall off and the cup body will rust easily.

Solution: Re-polishing and spraying the SS vacuum flask is generally not recommended, as it is time-consuming, troublesome and costly; it is recommended to buy a new one, which is simple, fast and convenient.

The above content is the explanation of the reasons for the rust of the 304 stainless steel vacuum flask. I hope this article can help you clear your doubts. If there is still something you don't understand, you can leave a message to our online customer service or call us directly.

For the rusted stainless vacuum flask, it is recommended to throw it away and buy a new one. When buying a stainless vacuum flask, be sure to buy it from a regular manufacturer. Solid's thermal mug is a well-known brand in China and is trustworthy. All our production is in compliance with BSCI social responsibility standards. In addition to our standard product line, we also offer ODM and OEM services. Welcome to consult.

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