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Moka Pot VS French Press

Time: From Bean>Brewing

For a stainless moka pot, the biggest investment of time is to heat the water.

Once the water boils, the actual extraction does not take long. However, you don't want to leave the pot unattended because you might end up drinking bitter coffee. If you prepare a basket of venues in advance, it will take 10 minutes from start to finish.


For French press pots, you cannot prepare anything in advance. Each batch of coffee needs to be ground as freshly as possible. The water must be heated separately to just boiling, and then the soaking and soaking process takes about five minutes. It is possible to build a good routine, but the whole process still takes 10-15 minutes.



Flexible and convenient grinding

The moka pot has a special brewing basket in which you can fill coffee powder. The advantage of the moka pot is that you can use your favorite pre-ground coffee powder because the standard grind setting works well. However, if you prefer to grind beans, there is plenty of room to fine-tune the degree of grind. Please make sure that the powder is not too fine; otherwise the water will not pass through the bottom and extraction of coffee will be insufficient.


Since the French press pot relies heavily on steeping, it is necessary to grind the coffee as coarsely as possible to maximize the extraction surface area. This means that if you want the best quality coffee beans, you need to buy a grinder, because the best coffee beans come from very coarsely ground coffee beans. If you just plan to put standard finely ground powder into a French filter press, don't expect to make good coffee.


Easy to brew

Moka pot really requires a little skill at the beginning, even professionals admit that there is always room for improvement in technology. One of the main complaints about the moka pot is the possibility of insufficient extraction

Usually, when this happens, it is a matter of grinding size or compaction. Both of these problems can be solved, although it may take multiple brews to determine which combination of tamping technique and grinding size will provide you with the best extraction results. Note that compaction must be easy; if it is too hard, it will restrict water from passing through the grinding.


French press pot requires certain skills, but in my opinion, the brewing method is more reliable. As long as you follow the steps outlined here, you can guarantee a strong and delicious beer. Just like the moka pot, there is always room for adjustment and improvement in technology, but there are fewer variables to consider.



Moka pots produce coffee under pressure, similar to the mechanism used to brew espresso. However, the extraction pressure of a moka pot is much lower than that of an espresso machine, so it cannot be completely replaced. Nevertheless, it still provides a more concentrated brew than drip irrigation or French press. You can also get a little sweet cream in the moka pot brewing.


The French press relies on the oil and spices roasted in the coffee beans to produce the best beer: this gives you more room for flavor changes. Soaking also tends to leave a heavy and sometimes greasy flavor, but it does not necessarily bring additional flavor.

Some people like this, so this is a matter of personal preference. Overall, the French press produces a very subtle flavor and gives lighter roasted coffee a full-bodied feel.


Advantages of Coffee Makers

Advantages of Coffee Makers

SUS304 stainless steel material can provide double heat insulation, which can perform heat preservation for 6 hours; Comfortable grip and easy to use; Triple fine mesh filter for better filtering; Hollow spherical cap is designed to prevent hands from touching hot vapor.

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