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What is the Insulation Principle of the Stainless Vacuum Flask?

1. The emergence of stainless vacuum flask

In the cold winter, stainless vacuum flask is essential in people's daily life. The thermal flask is developed from the thermos bottle, and its principle of insulation is the same as the thermos bottle. The bottle is made into a flask for the convenience of carrying. Earlier, people used thermos bottles to store hot water, and made the outer shell with plastic, iron sheet or bamboo strips, with a double-layer glass liner, the glass in the interlayer was plated with silver, and the bottle mouth was closed with a cork. Now this kind of fragile glass lined thermos bottle is rarely seen, and more are stainless steel thermal flask.

2. The insulation principle of stainless vacuum flask

The stainless vacuum flask has a double-layer structure. The inner tank and the two layers of stainless steel are welded together to form a vacuum, and the vacuum does not transfer heat; the stainless vacuum flask has a good sealing performance and loses little heat through convection. The stainless vacuum flask is plated with copper or silver between the inner container and the two layers of stainless steel, which can effectively reduce the heat loss by radiation. The stainless vacuum flask is easy to carry, durable and easy to clean, and has gradually become the new favorite in the market.

Generally speaking, the worst part of the thermos bottle is the bottleneck. Therefore, the thermal flask with large capacity and small mouth will have better insulation effect. For self-driving tours and outdoor sports, large-capacity stainless steel thermal flasks become a must.

The ss vacuum flask keeps the temperature rather than keeping it warm. Therefore, it not only keeps the hot water at a certain temperature, but also keeps things like ice-cream at a certain temperature. The structure of the stainless vacuum flask makes the heat inside not easy to lose, and the heat from the outside is not easy to enter the inside, so the vacuum flask can keep "warm" and "cold". Traveling in hot summer, put iced mung bean soup in the thermal flask and tighten the lid, it will definitely make your summer travel cool and comfortable.

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