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SVF-1500A 1.5 Litre Flask Features

Many colors &designs

  • Now that you have decided to take courage with you, you will only go through the wind and rain;

  • Take a lucky day with you and walk into nature. It's beautiful;

  • Design patent, give your quality life bonus.

Tough stylish, necessities for the camping trip

  • The 1.5 l vacuum flask is made of SUS 304 stainless steel as well as all of the plastic parts come from food contact PP or silicone, which is very safe and health

  • The upper lid is a double-layer structure, whose inner is made of stainless steel, which is very healthy

  • The top of Outer is equipped with a compass that could guide direction when you are in the mountain forests

Large diameter design

  • large diameter(7cm)design is easy to keep cold food, such as ice cube and ice cream.

Professional inner plug 360-degree water

  • 360-degree water inner plug with design patent saves efforts on pouring and provides large water yield with high speed, which is detachable design could be cleaned easily. It's very healthy

  • The upper lid and outlet plug are equipped with a self-locking function. Even if you forget to close the outlet plug after pouring water, it will automatically close when you screw on the lid, it is easy to operate and sage to prevent leakage

The upper cover could be a drinking bowl for many people sud

  • The cup cover could be used for drinking as a bowl. It's very convenient for many people to use.

Soft handle comfortable grasping

  • The handle could provide a comfortable grasping feeling, which is made of soft plastic

Widen ribbon reduces weight on shoulders, which could adjust freely and pack up easily.

  • Widen ribbon reduce weight on shoulders, which could adjust freely and pack up easily.

SVF-1500A 1.5 Litre Flask Specifications






Flask 1.5 Litre




SUS 304 stainless steel \ food contact PP or silicone,

Temperature retention

above55℃ (24 hours)

Packing Size




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