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Solidware Testimonials

In the early morning of 24th April 2014 in Guangzhou, when the exhibition hall for the 115th Canton Fair was just opened, a grey-haired but vigorous foreign old man and a handsome young guy had already waited in the booth of Solid Company for a long time.

The old man, who is the chairman of a famous family enterprise in the Netherlands, was making a special trip with his son to China to visit his old friend met for nearly 20 years. The family enterprise run by the old man is a houseware company which has a history of over 100 years.

The customer took out a piece of paper with the words “EASY CLEAN – 135000” from his bag gladly and suggested taking a group photo. The reason that he made this trip is to congratulate the achievement of the total sales of one type of specially designed and washable stainless steel vacuum coffee pot, which was developed by Solid and his company 10 years ago, exceeding 130,000 pieces in the Netherlands.

"The quality of their products is very good, we are good friends. Solid is a really reliable company!” The old man repeated the words to his son.

Customer Review
  • 1

    Excellent service. The air pot flask itself is a nice modern design. Easy to use and to clean. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

  • 2

    SOLIDWARE's coffee pot is really good. It can keep my coffee hot all day.

  • 3

    Great jug flask, keeps drinks hot for hours, just what I wanted.

  • 4

    Arrived on time. Strong well made product. Good value for money. Does what it says as described.

  • 5

    Very good size and keeps Tea/Coffee at the desired temperature for hours!

  • 6

    I love SOLIDWARE! My 1.5 L vacuum flask has traveled so many places with me and never leaks. After getting through airport security, I fill this up with water. It is usually stuck in my backpack while in the airplane, along with my laptop and other electronic devices. And I never have to worry about water getting over everything. 

  • 7

    A great bottle that's well made and stylish but also a good size with a variety of lids and also came with a warranty card.

  • 8

    Good product!! Definitely keep my coffee Hot! Love this carafe. I fill it with hot water to preheat the carafe while my coffee is brewing. (5 am) Fill it before taking it to the office and it's still hot at 5 pm.

  • 9

    I am most impressed by the company follow up. A bit unusual for an inexpensive item, but welcome indeed.

  • 10

    I'd never used a Moka pot before, but I bought this to make espresso to make my own Starbucks-style lattes at home. I've been really happy with it and it really is quite easy to clean.