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Is Vacuum Coffee Better?

Vacuum coffee is definitely good! Although the insulated jug flask is keeping coffee hot, it also allows the hot coffee to simmer . The insulated jug flask is ideal for keeping coffee hot without damage to the coffee quality too much.

Here are some things you can do. Don't fill your insulated jug flask with coffee and fill it with hot water. Then buy a press coffee maker to use with it.

When you want to enjoy fresh coffee, put the grated coffee in the stainless steel vacuum coffee pot, add hot water in it, wait a moment, and press the plunger, and then the fresh coffee is instantly made!

Our coffee stainless steel carafe will achieve the desired effect. Coffee stainless steel carafe is made of SUS304, food contact PP and silicone, which is very healthy; the coffee temperature can still reach more than 72℃ after 6 hours, showing the insulation performance is very well; because it is simple and durable, it is the best choice for business and household.

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