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Features Of SVC-360B 360ML Vacuum Cup

Food material, safety and health

  • Austenitic stainless steel 06cr19ni10 (stainless SUS304) is used for the inner and outer liner of the product. The parts in contact with water are made of SUS304, hb159-1 lead-free copper (silver plated) and silica gel, which is safe and healthy.

  • The body of the cup is matte sprayed, smooth and delicate to the touch, comfortable to grasp.

Patented design, exclusive taste

  • Utility model patent, Appearance patent

Industry-first, accurate measurement

  • It is the industry's first to use the special technology of probe passing through the vacuum layer to directly contact with water to realize accurate detection of water temperature and quality.

  • The probe material is hb159-1 lead-free copper (silver plated), which meets the requirements of gb4806.9-2016 national food safety standard metal materials and products for food contact.

  • Silicone gasket, gb4806.11-2016 national food safety standard rubber materials and products for food contact.

Smart and thoughtful design

  • OLED borderless self-luminous screen, scrolling display the current real-time water temperature and water quality.

  • Intimate water thermometer, annular lattice aperture, corresponding to the different color light band with the change of water temperature, green below 35 ° C (low water temperature), orange at 36-55 ° C (suitable for drinking), red above 56 ° C (hot water temperature).

  • Housekeeper of water quality, know the purity of water quality and total dissolved solids (TDS) at home at any time, and the TDS error is ± 30ppm.

  • The national standard for drinking water in China: ≤ 300 ppm

Environment-friendly lithium battery, rechargeable

  • Polymer lithium-ion battery capacity: 500mah (MAH)

  • Rechargeable (with a USB charging cable), after 500 times of charging and discharging, the attenuation is not less than 80%;

  • Special structure design, lithium battery, in line with environmental protection standards.

Waterproof, antiskid and silent

  • The waterproof grade can reach IPx4.

  • The silicone pad at the bottom is silent and antiskid.

Tailless vacuum, integrated forming

  • Adopting tailless vacuum and integrated drawing process, the inner liner has no-weld, and the thermal insulation performance is stable.

  • The shape of the cup mouth is round, and the design of the extended straight edge section avoids the contact between the lip and the thread, which makes the touch more comfortable.

  • Round mouth, warm touch, prevent hot mouth.

Specifications Of SVC-360B 360ML Vacuum Cup








matte black


SUS304, PP, HB159-1, Silicone

Heat preservation aging

above 48 ℃ (6 hours)

Package size

245 * 125 * 85mm


12 pieces/case

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