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  • GRANDMA YAN'S VACUUM CUP 2021/01/12 It was the time to respect the elderly during the coming Double Ninth Festival of 2014. A group from Solidware came to the retirement community of Shuyuan Town, Pudong.
  • SOLIDWARE DOUBLE WALL COFFEE JUGS USED ON EU SUMMIT 2021/01/11 Solidware products have been used at the EU Summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pouring coffee for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in her hand is our double wall coffee jug.
  • OLD YANG'S MARATHON 2021/01/10 The 2014 Shanghai International Marathon started at 7:00 a.m. on November 2 with a shot of the starting gun.
  • SOLIDWARE VACUUM INSULATED CAMPING CANTEEN 2021/01/09 The Solidware Vacuum Insulated Camping Canteen SVT-750 Makes Your Outdoor Activity Healthy & Warm.
  • SOLIDWARE FRIENDSHIP FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS 2021/01/08 The customer took out a piece of paper with the words “EASY CLEAN – 135000” from his bag gladly and suggested to take a group photo.