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Features Of SVP-NB Vacuum Coffee Pot

Food contact material, Safe and Healthy

  • USE SUS304 material and food PP/ silicone material, Safe and healthy.

Liner surface with electrolytic treatment, beautiful and easy to clean

  • The internal surface has EP treatment, uniform color, forming passivation film, not easy to stick stains, strong corrosion resistance.

  • Golden ratio caliber design can put ice, Better heat, and cold retention.

Unique head of pot, Strong function

  • The pothead is derived from woodpecker modeling design and the integration of natural elements into life, which is an attitude of returning to the original nature.

  • Overall appearance design has been patented, protected by the design patent, unique own style.

The lid of the pot with button, easy to operation

  • The Pot lid with Grab button,  one-button press,  easy to one-hand operation;

  • The pot lid is provided with a vent valve, which can effectively prevent the injection phenomenon caused by negative pressure.

  • The pot lid with off-center outlet structure, which saves efforts on small-angle pouring.

  • The pot lid is free from disassembly and easy to clean.

The closed spout of pot, Safety and healthy

  • The spout is sealed to prevent dust pollution, prevent mosquitoes and ants from crawling in and make it more sanitary to use.

One-button press, easy to pour

  • Drip-proof design of the outlet, anti-splash, make pot efficient water-break.

  • One-button press, easy to pour by one hand 

Bionic Design, comfortable handle

  • Handle ergonomic design, elegant streamline radian handle, hold more comfortable.

  • The handle is thickened and reinforced with an R Angle design, which improves the anti-fall ability and makes it more durable.

Embossing dot design, Wearable, and Non-slip

  • Bottom convex design, anti-slip anti-wear

Specifications Of SVP-NB Vacuum Coffee Pot

COLORNature / White / Red
MATERIALSUS 304 stainless steel with food contact PP or silicone parts
VACUUM1.6L 78℃  2.0L 81℃UP(6HOURS)







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