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SVC-400PJ 400ML Vacuum Cup

Features Of SVC-400PJ 400ML Vacuum Cup

Exclusive color, one cup for each

  • Six colors, easy to distinguish when many people use at the same time, enjoy the party and refuse to confuse.

Patent appearance, simple design

  • The product is made of austenitic stainless steel 06cr19ni10 (stainless steel SUS304) and Tritan, which is safe and healthy.

  • the perfect combination of stainless steel vacuum process and Tritan material, showing a three-dimensional conical appearance.

Wide mouth and excellent technology

  • Wide mouth direct drinking design, easy to drink.

  • Cup liner integrated drawing process, no weld, electrolytic grinding, easy to clean, more beautiful.

Easy to disassemble and clean

  • The interface between stainless steel cup body and Tritan cup body is detachable and easy to install

Double vacuum, comfortable experience

  • Double-layer vacuum, can hold warm water and cold water, heat insulation, and cold insulation.

  • It can be used as a beer cup, coffee cup, juice cup, cold/hot water cup, and various purposes.

Stacked storage, space-saving

Specifications Of SVC-400PJ 400ML Vacuum Cup








Rouge powder, mustard yellow, Prussian blue, Venice green, ice blue, crystal white


SUS304, TRITAN, Silicone

Package size

90 * 90 * 150 mm

Package specification

24 pcs/case

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