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What Material is Good for a Sports Bottle and How to Use the Bottle Right?

Sports bottle is an indispensable equipment for those who like outdoor activities. Every tourist will prepare a travel sports bottle for himself to ensure the safety of water quality and the supplement of energy. Because it needs to be used outdoors, you should be very careful about the material when purchasing it. You should choose a material with good anti-impact property and safety to ensure safe use, but it must have the characteristics of sturdiness and safety. The wild environment is harsh, and bumps are hard to avoid.

If the bottle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if the thermal sports bottle mouth is not tightly closed, not only will you lose valuable drinking water in the wild, but you may also wet your clothing, equipment and other items. What kind of sports bottle do you choose?

1. What kind of sports bottle do you choose?

There are many kinds of outdoor sports water bottles, materials are made of plastic, glass, aluminum, stainless steel and silica gel. Consumers are often picky and is okay to look at this one, and then look at that one. It is especially difficult for friends with choice difficulties.

Practice has proved that the most cost-effective of these products is the stainless steel sports bottle, which not only has the characteristics of sturdiness and safety, but also has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation. Hot water in winter and cold water in summer can meet the needs of sports enthusiasts wherever they are.

2. The operation method of the sports bottle

1) When holding drinks, do not fill them too much, and leave a gap of 2~3cm in the bottle mouth.

2) The sports water equipment has been pressure tested, but excessive pressure may still cause partial bursts.

3) Do not use water utensils to hold fermented beverages, such as acidic beverages, milk and other corrosive and perishable beverages.

4) Keep the full water utensils away from the heat source, because the increase in the sports bottle is prone to accidents under high temperature conditions.

5) Do not put the full water utensils in the freezer of the refrigerator or the microwave oven.

6) Do not use sports water tools to hold gasoline or other fuels.

As a professional sports bottle supplier, our steel sports bottle is made of food contact materials, allowing you to drink healthier water. With the oriented water suction device, you can drink water without raising your head, achieving a larger opening angle. Different sizes of SUS340 stainless steel cups are suitable for bicycles of different sizes. The triangular ring cover is easy to carry, and it can also be hung on a sports backpack. For more information about stainless steel sports bottle, please contact Solidware stainless steel sports bottle wholesale.

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