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Dirt Cleaning and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

1. How to clean the dirt in the stainless steel sports bottle?

Tea culture has a long history in China, and outdoor enthusiasts have changed from drinking water at the beginning to a variety of drinks, including green tea, black tea and so on. After the stainless steel gym bottle has been used for a long time, it is easy to form a layer of tea scale on the metal surface, which makes the stainless steel bottle black. It cannot be washed off even with detergent and washing-up liquid.

Once there is a layer of black tea scale on the stainless steel bottle, we can soak it in vinegar for a few hours, or it can be easily removed by soaking. (Baking soda can be used)

And many common daily necessities can also remove dirt such as tea scale, such as toothpaste and broken eggshells. The ancient method of cleaning tea scale with ash carbon and water burned with straw or grass is also available, which is also a great method recommended by collectors who like to collect antiques.

2. How to properly use and maintain the stainless steel sports bottle?

(1) Wash with neutral detergent before use. If there is still plastic odor, you can soak it in water with lemon slices or orange peels for more than 2 hours, which can generally be removed.

(2) After filling the water, first check the screw-on performance and tightness of the lid of stainless steel gym bottle, and invert it to check for water leakage.

(3) The stainless steel sports bottle should not be filled with carbonated drinks, traditional Chinese medicine, acid-base liquids, etc., nor can it store drinks such as milk and juice for a long time.

(4) After each use of the stainless steel gym bottle, it should be cleaned and dried in time.

(5) Avoid beating and violent impact.

3. Precautions for the cleaning of stainless steel sports bottles

Avoid cleaning it too hard. If you clean the stainless steel gym bottle too hard, or use steel balls and other items directly, it is highly possible that your water bottle will be destroyed and cannot be used anymore.

In addition, we should also avoid chemicals such as bleach from entering our bottles. Because if these items are not rinsed completely, it may contaminate the next drinking water, affect our health, and make us nauseate and vomit during running.

As a professional sports bottle supplier, our steel sports bottles are made of food contact materials, allowing you to drink healthier water. With the guide water absorption device, you can drink water without raising your head to achieve a larger opening angle.

Different sizes of SUS340 stainless steel bottles are suitable for different sizes of bicycles. The triangular ring cover ensures it is easy to carry and suitable for exercise. It can also be hung on a sports backpack. For more information on stainless steel sports bottles, please contact Solidware for the wholesale of stainless steel sports bottles.

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