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Purchase Strategy for Stainless Steel Thermal Flask

1. Choose by the brand of stainless steel thermal flask

However, never the more expensive is the better. High cost performance is real good for the stainless steel thermal flask. Judging from the brand of stainless steel thermal flask on the market, the brand of Solid stainless steel thermal flask can definitely be called the leading brand in the cup industry. In the stainless steel thermal flask production industry for more than ten years, Solid has always maintained excellent quality and high-quality service attitude, which is highly praised by the majority of consumers.

2. Don't just choose by the weight of the stainless steel thermal flask

It is generally believed that the heavier the stainless steel thermal flask, the better the quality and the better the insulation effect. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the cup is heavy is mainly because the manufacturer has added something such as magnetic chips to magnetize the water quality. This kind of cup is just a cup for health care, but definitely not a thermal flask, because the real stainless steel thermal flask is generally insulated through vacuum.

3. It depends on whether the stainless steel thermal flask is a real vacuum

As we all know, air has a certain thermal conductivity, and the temperature will not be transmitted in the vacuum state. Therefore, the most important thing is its vacuum degree to judge whether the thermal insulation effect of the SS vacuum flask is good.

The simplest way to identify the vacuum level is to pour hot water into the cup and touch whether there is heat on the cup body and bottom later. The lower the temperature of the cup, the better the heat preservation and heat insulation effect.

4. Choose by whether the quality of stainless steel thermal flask is good or bad and whether the manufacturer's production technology meets the standard

It mainly depends on the appearance and whether there are joint marks from the cup body to the cup bottom. The service life of stainless steel thermal flask that look integrated is generally longer than that of cups with welding marks. Moreover, because it is made by an integrated process, the possibility of air leakage is less than that of a cup with welding marks.

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