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Some Questions About Thermos Cups

Regardless of people of any age, stainless steel thermal flasks are a very practical life item. But how to choose a vacuum flask? How to use the SS vacuum flask correctly? Many people still don't know. Here we will talk about some questions about the "vacuum cup" that you may not understand.

1. How to choose the material of stainless steel thermal flask?

In the material label, different countries have different labels for stainless steel materials.

The vacuum cup produced in China is usually labeled 06Cr19Ni10 on the package. The combination of chemical composition symbols and numbers is actually the domestic brand number of austenitic 304 stainless steel (022Cr17Ni12Mo2 is the brand number of 316L ).

Whether the stainless steel plate has a steel stamp is determined by the different molds used in the production of each thermos cup brand, and it cannot effectively prove its material.

There are quite a few brands of thermos cups on the market that use 200 series materials to pretend to be 304# stainless steel, posing a serious hazard to human health.

Let's think about it carefully, "304#" itself is an unofficial brand, how could this steel seal be an authoritative certification mark?

If the inner tank has a steel stamp, the surface of the inner tank will be uneven, which will easily hide dirt and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

A good-quality vacuum cup should be made of one-piece stretch forming of the inner liner, the cup wall is smooth and flat, to avoid the breeding of bacteria, and it is clean and hygienic and easy to clean.

Therefore, the material of the vacuum cup cannot be accurately and effectively judged by relying on the presence or absence of steel seals such as "304#" and "316#" in the inner tank.

Friends pay attention to not only observing the appearance when purchasing, but also to look for information such as packaging and product details, and carefully identify them.

2. How to judge the true and false 304 stainless steel thermal flask

There is a statement on the Internet that the magnet can verify the authenticity of 304?

In fact, it doesn't work. Even if it is a real 304, it may have a certain degree of weak magnetism.

Although 304 stainless steel is indeed non-ferromagnetic in its raw material state, it may increase ferromagnetism after processing and forging to produce daily necessities. Experiments have shown that it is unreliable to use magnets to distinguish 304.

In addition, the common stainless steel identification fluid on the Internet is mainly copper sulfate, which depends on its reaction with manganese in stainless steel to determine whether it is a so-called stainless steel.

Because it is corrosive, it will leave a mark once it is used, and as long as there is manganese in the stainless steel, it will react.

It can only be used to determine whether it is stainless steel or not, but it does not accurately reflect whether the stainless steel vacuum flask is made of 304.

Except for testing in the laboratory, there is currently no daily method to correctly determine whether the vacuum flask is 304 stainless steel.

3. Is a stainless steel thermal flask with a straw better?

A stainless steel thermal flask with a straw can hold hot water at low temperature, but if it exceeds 50℃, it is recommended to use a direct-drinking vacuum flask.

Because some straw thermos cups after strenuous exercise, the hot water is easy to backwash out when opened, and it is easy to scald if the temperature is too high.

Although the straw thermos cup is more convenient and popular with young children, it is still recommended not to fill it with overheated water to avoid scalds caused by the spray of water vapor.

4. Can the stainless steel thermal flask hold beverages?

It is not recommended to use a vacuum flask for hot milk and juice.

Hot milk: it will go bad after a long time;

Acidic liquids such as fruit juice: It is easy to corrode the inner wall for too long.

And for straw cups and duckbill cups, it is more troublesome to wash after filling the beverage.

5. What should you do if the stainless steel thermal flask smells bad?

If the newly bought vacuum cup has a strong smell, you can boil the plastic lid and silicone ring in boiling water for 10 minutes.

For the inner tank, you can wash it several times with detergent and baking soda to dry, which can basically reduce most of the odor.

After getting the above knowledge points, you are no longer confused when you buy a vacuum flask. Do you have any questions about the vacuum flask? Welcome to consult us if you have any needs.

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