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How to Buy a Sports Bottle?

We need to carry water with us when we go out for running, mountain biking, or gym exercise, so that we can replenish water in time during exercise. Because of the movement, a sturdy, durable, safe and portable bottle is needed. General water bottles, kettles, and water cups are inconvenient to handle or fragile.

1. The quality and details of the sports bottle

How to buy a good quality sports bottle? Ruggedness is one of its judging methods. The key to "sturdy and durable" is the body material and wall thickness. The sports bottle is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel sports water bottles mostly use 304 stainless steel body, the metal material is more sturdy, sturdy and resistant to fall.

If you look closely, a good sports bottle will have some obvious performance in the details: the surface and the inside of a good sports bottle will be very flat, without bottoming, blistering, dents or protrusions caused by impurities. The pattern of the kettle body has uniform printing color, clear edges, accurate color registration, firm adhesion, and no stains. In addition, on the lid, because of the different materials, there will be differences in color, gloss and texture. We can judge which one is of higher quality through these.

2. Is the sports bottle easy to carry?

Another criterion is whether the kettle is easy to carry and use. Generally, sports bottles are designed with convenient carrying loops, and different bottles are suitable for bicycles of different sizes. For example, the triangular ring-shaped cover has a simple and fashionable appearance, which is not only convenient to carry, but also can be hung on a sports backpack for easy carrying.

The thickness of the wall of a sports bottle is also a selection criterion. An intuitive feeling for judging the thickness of the wall of a sports bottle is to hold it in the hand for comparison, and the weight of a bottle with a thinner wall will be lighter. Usually double insulated cups have a better insulation effect.

Generally, the sports bottle is made of 304 stainless steel, and the wall thickness reaches the standard. The strength and toughness of the sports bottle will be better, and the ability to resist collision and impact will be stronger. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the cost and price.

3. Look at the price and label of the sports bottle

If you think the above identification is troublesome and difficult, then the easiest way is to look at the price. Sports bottles must meet food-grade hygiene requirements. The cost of reliable and high-quality sports bottles will inevitably be higher, and the price will not be too cheap.

A formal and responsible sports bottle brand will clearly and accurately mark product information, use precautions and company information. In addition to making it easier for buyers to use safely, it is also convenient for consumers to contact merchants for consultation and after-sales related matters once problems arise. service.

The stainless steel sports water bottle produced and sold by Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and not fragile. Our kettle is designed with a lifting ring, which is convenient to carry and the price is moderate. Please feel free to contact us for consultation.

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