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The Use and Common Sense of Maintenance of Stainless Steel Thermal Flask

Ⅰ. Instructions and methods of stainless steel thermal flask

(1) Instructions for stainless steel thermal flask

1. The amount of water should not be too full. After screwing on the cup cover, excessive water may overflow.

2. Do not put dry ice or carbonated drinks to avoid leakage due to excessive pressure in the cup.

3. Children should use it under the guidance of adults to avoid scalding.

4. The stainless steel thermal flask should not be hit violently to avoid scratching to cause depression and affecting the beauty and thermal insulation effect.

5. Do not heat directly in any way to avoid damage to the vacuum layer and deformation and discoloration of the outer coating pattern.

6. Do not use volatile agent, gasoline, metal balls and hard objects to clean the inside and outside of the cup, otherwise it will cause abrasion, scratch or cause the paint and text on the outer surface to fall off.

7. When cleaning, pay attention to the disassembly of sealing ring and other accessories of stainless steel thermal flask, so as not to affect the use.

8. As the use of impure water will leave red spots similar to rust, try soaking in warm water and diluted vinegar for half an hour to fully clean.

9. It can be used to keep the heat and cold of drinks, but do not keep it for a long time to prevent deterioration.

(2) Usage method of stainless steel thermal flask

1. Before use, clean the inside and outside of the cup in warm water with neutral detergent.

2. It is recommended to add hot water (cold water) before using the stainless steel thermal flask for preheating or precooling, so as to achieve better insulation effect.

3. Tighten the cup cover clockwise to prevent leakage. When drinking, unscrew the cup cover counterclockwise.

4. After use, it should be cleaned, dried and stored, and the thermal insulation effect is better.

Ⅱ. Maintenance knowledge of stainless steel thermal flask

1. Keep the stainless steel thermal flask dry when it is not used for a long time.

2. To prevent odor and stains, please clean and dry it after use.

3. Please use a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent and a wet sponge to wipe the surface of the product. The product must be cleaned after each use.

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