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Common Sense for Purchasing Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

At present there are varieties of stainless coffee pots selling on the market . Prices also vary widely. For some consumers, they don’t know how to distinguish the difference, and often spend a lot of money to buy unsatisfactory products. Now let me introduce the way to choose a stainless coffee pot to everyone.

I. Firstly we should check the label or instruction manual of the stainless coffee pot

Generally the formal manufacturers will write the product model, name, volume, material, production address, manufacturer, standard number, after-sales, use method and so on. It is abnormal If none of that.

II. To identify it from the appearance of the stainless coffee pot

1. Firstly we should have a check if the surface polishing of inner tank and outside bile of the stainless coffee pot are uniform. If there are bumps and scratches or burrs.

2. Secondly we should have a check if the spout welding of stainless steel vacuum coffee pot is smooth and consistent, which is related to if the feeling of drinking water is comfortable.

3. Thirdly we should have a check if the internal sealing of stainless coffee carafe is tight, and if the screw plug and cup body match.

4. Fourthly we should have a look at the spout of stainless coffee pot. The spout should be as round as possible. It will be not round if the process is immature .

III. Sealing test of stainless coffee pots

Firstly, you can twist off the lid to make sure it fits perfectly into the stainless coffee pot, then pour boiling water (preferably) into the pot and turn it upside down for two to three minutes to check if any water seeps out.

IV. Insulation test of stainless coffee pots

The stainless airpot thermal coffee carafe is vacuum insulated. The vacuum situation can prevent the heat to the outside world, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. So to test the heat preservation effect of stainless coffee pot, you Just have to pour 100 degrees of boiling water into the pot, and after two or three minutes, touch each part of the stainless coffee pot to check whether it is hot or not. If one part is hot, the temperature will be lost from that place. It is normal for slight heat in spout.

V. Identification of plastic parts of stainless coffee pots

The plastic used in the stainless coffee carafe should be food grade. This kind of plastic has small smell, bright surface, no burr, long service life and is not easy to age. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is large smell, dark color, burr, plastic aging, easy to break, stink after a long time. This will not only shorten the life of the stainless coffee pot, but also bad for our health.

VI. Capacity testing of stainless coffee pots

Because stainless coffee pots are double-decker, the actual capacity of the pot may differ from what we see. Firstly we can check if the  depth of the pot and the height of the outer layer is not much different (generally 18-22mm). Many small factories reduce costs in the material aspect, which may affect the capacity of stainless coffee carafe.

VII. Steel material identification of stainless coffee pots

There are varieties of stainless steel material. 18/8 means stainless steel material contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel. If stainless steel material meets the standard,it is in line with the national food standards, and it is green environmental protection products. The products can prevent rust, and resist corrosion. Ordinary stainless steel material is white or dark. There will be rust spots if you put it into the concentration of 1% salt water and soak it for 24 hours. Some of its elements exceed the standard, which is directly harmful to human health.

Consumers should note that don't only look at the appearance or names when choose a stainless coffee pot. We should check it is marked by double insulation or vacuum insulation on instructions. Now many generous, fashionable look stainless coffee pot products are double insulation, without vacuum. So I remind consumers not to make this kind of small mistake. We have to see clearly the box description and instructions.

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