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How to Identify the Safety of Stainless Steel Thermal Flask Materials?

How to identify the quality of a stainless steel thermal flask? What are the specific aspects that require our attention? Let us find out together.

1. The chemical safety index of stainless steel thermal flask

(1) Liner material

The material of the liner of the stainless steel thermal flask is the key to safety. A good stainless steel material is not only corrosion-resistant, high-strength, durable, easy to clean and disinfect, but also has a low amount of metal dissolving-out amount.

(2) The amount of heavy metals dissolved in the liner of the stainless steel thermal flask

If excessive arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium, nickel and other heavy metals dissolved from the liner of stainless steel thermal flask during use, the heavy metals accumulate in the human body, which will affect and damage the heart, liver, kidneys, skin, gastrointestinal tract, breathing and nerves, etc. Therefore, China’s GB 4806.9-2016 "National Food Safety Standard for Food Contact Metals and Alloy Materials and Products" clearly stipulates the limiting value and testing conditions for heavy metals in stainless steel products.

(3) The total amount of migration and consumption of potassium permanganate in nozzles, straws, sealing parts and liner coatings.

The total amount of migration and potassium permanganate consumption respectively reflect the content of non-volatile substances and soluble organic substances that can be transferred to food in food contact materials. These substances may have adverse effects on human health when entering the human body.

2. The physical safety index of the stainless steel thermal flask

The physical safety indexes include airtightness, peculiar smell, strength of strap (sling) of the stainless steel thermal flask, color fastness, heat preservation, etc.; abnormal smell will affect human health or cause sensory discomfort; The color fastness test of strap (sling) is conducted to test whether there is color losing in accessories textiles, reflecting the details of product quality.

Ⅲ. The performance of the stainless steel thermal flask

(1) Heat preservation performance

Heat preservation is one of the most important functions of the stainless steel thermal flask. The quality of heat preservation performance is closely related to the production process, the vacuuming technology of the vacuum layer and the airtightness. It also depends on the capacity of the container, the presence or absence of an inner plug, the caliber, and the sealing effect of the lid.

(2) Impact resistance

The durability of the product is tested, which tests the design, material selection and craftsmanship of the manufacturer, and reflect the quality of the product.

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