Social Responsibility

Solidware is more than just a manufacturer of stainless steel goods. We are a part of this global society that our customers and our staff live in and we feel that it is our duty to creat real value for society as a whole.

In our mind, the most important thing is to make our customers happy, and we do that by producing the finest quality items that we can. Profits are nice, but we feel that we should be profitable for only if our consumers are fully satisfied with our innovative products.

Solidware believes that we need to make the best of our given resources and that includes more than just raw materials to make our stainless steel cups and kitchenware. People are the most important resource and we do our best to make sure that our workers are happy, creating a working environment that is fulfilling. We also believe that we can perform all of our production in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. Through these efforts, we can help protect the environment as well as communities.