2021 New Products

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Like before, solid is creating some new products every year. Here is our new products in 2021. If any interest, welcome inquiry!

Fightting Poverty, Solid Support Shache County

There are 48 poverty-stricken villages in Shache County, Xinjiang Province. In order to help Shache County get rid of poverty, the Pudong New Area government guides and encourages social power to participate in the poverty alleviation work, drives and leads the social public welfare resources to lean towards the poverty-stricken areas, and provides strong social support for fighting against poverty.

Shanghai solid stainless steel products Co., Ltd. still sticks to our social responsibility and actively helps poverty alleviation under the serious selling environment this year. We have donated more than 100 stainless steel thermos pots (about 40 thousands CNY ) to poor villages.

Solid has been focusing on the cup and pot for 30 years. We firmly adhere to the social responsibility, raised the banner of performing social responsibility and public love, and will continue to carry forward the positive energy of society.

Fighting with virus, Achieving Goals, Solid Company 100% resume production

Under the situation of suffering from new crown pneumonia, Shanghai Solid Company is the first batch enterprises approved to produce by government. We start to work on 10th February , 100% resume production on 9th March. Staffs returning work rate is more than 98%. The sale on February is Grown.

We take a step forward in crisis management behind the rapid recovery capacity, such so success is from that we have enough attention on the epidemic virus. During the Spring Festival, Solid set up a leading group for preventing epidemic and fulfilling production. Solid have purcharsed a large number of epidemic prevention materials, such as masks, disinfectants etc. On the other hand, we work out a series of plans to prevent the virus during production. At the same time, we also help the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to resume work quickly. And continue to provide customers the company related to epidemic prevention and control and production organization related information.

Let customer do not worry, our employees are safe, our products are safe, and our production is safe. We are always here. Any questions, please feel free to contact with us .What do you need we can meet at any time!

Fighting epidemic, Solid Company supports Wuhan city, overcome difficulties together!

In the new year of 2020, a “new coronavirus” swept through Wuhan City, Hubei Province. More than half of China was given the pause button. At present, tens of thousands of warrior are fighting on the front line. The difficulties and the process can not descripte by any words.  All sectors of society have contributed their strength to fight the epidemic.

On February 7, under the leadership of the general manager of Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Solid Industrial Co., Ltd., an emergency organization donated products to Wuhan—300 cases of stainless steel vacuum insulation cup and pots (2400 pcs) . These products will be distributed to the Shipailing Fangcai Hospital in Wuhan’s Hongshan District with Shanghai National Emergency Medical Team (Huashan Hospital), hoping that medical staff and inpatients can drink clean, warm water  and giving warm water and our bressings to patients and “lovely heroes” !

As a caring and responsible enterprise, Solid has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities as our special long-time mission. Sponsoring the China National Golf Team, caring for the elderly. sponsor Senior Sports Association. We believe our world will be more better!

In this special battle, Solid Comapny will work together with Hubei people to achieve the goal, and get the final victory! “No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. After a difficult time, we will finally have a spring blossom.

Congratulation--Solid general manager Bergar Zhang got “Outstanding contributions Award in daily necessities industry.”

At the time of 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, China Daily necessities industry association held a commendation conference. The conference commended advanced representatives who have made outstanding contributions to the development of daily necessities industry over the past 70 years.Solid general manager, Berger zhang, got the award of “outstanding contribution award in daily necessities industry”. (PS: Only 26 people get this award in China.)

In the past 70 years, A number of outstanding contributors have sprung up who are rooted in the industry and have the courage to contribute to the development of the industry. Some of them are excellent entrepreneurs who serve the country through industry; some are market innovative explorers; some are diligent persevering model workers. They are the solid backbone of promoting the development of daily necessities industry.

As a brand enterprise of China’s national golf team sponsor, taking R & D innovation as the core, technology improvement as the basis, market demand as the guide, we constantly improving the product, service quality and management level.Bergar Zhang, general manager of Solid company, has been growing together with the company for 28 years, witnessing that the company has grown from a small workshop of 3000 square meters, 108 employees with 50,000 annual sales to a brand company with an area of 80000 square meters, more than 600 people and an annual sales of 8 million cups and kettles. Solid has become a leading brand in the industry. Zhang Bin’s focus on fully explains the connotation of the brand slogan of “a cup of warm heart and a lifetime of Solid”.


On November 4, 11th China (Dalian) light industry Commodity Fair was successfully concluded in Xinghai Exhibition Center. Solid vacuum flask, Zhonghua brand pencil, Butterfly brand sewing machine, Maling brand Canned  and other famous brand manufacturers gathered in Dalian.

With a total area of 15000 square meters, more than 600 international standard booths, exceed 20 provinces well-known manufacturers appeared in the exhibition. Traditional light industry provinces such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Heilongjiang and Dandong continued to participate in high-level group exhibitions. During the exhibition, “New product recommendation meeting” is held. “Solid Vaccum Flask”, “Wuhan Huanghelou Wine Industry”, “Panyunling Wine Industry” and other enterprises show their lasted product. The atmosphere on the spot was quite hot.

As the excellent representative of Shanghai foreign trade enterprises, sponsor of China’s national golf team, we have been specialized in stainless steel ware products (flaks and pot) industry for 28 years. Our two items–new light weight spring “Leying Cup” and simple fashion “Leshang Cup”, won the “National Light-industry Wanhua Cup” innovative  gold and silver awards.

On 70th anniversary Motherland’s Birthday, Grandma Yan got Solid customized thermos cup!

On the afternoon of October 14, Mr. Bergar, General Manager of Solid company, together with his team, took a customized insulating cup for the 70th anniversary with each old people’s name engraved. They went to Xinyuan Nursing Home to visit Slade’s “Granny Yan” and other 100 old people there.

Mr. Bergar and his team come to the old people’s sunshine place in the courtyard and talk about their daily life. The old man’s faces were filled with smiles and infected everyone on the scene. According to the usual practice, we went to Grandma Yan’s room to talk about old days with her. Grandma Yan excitedly took out that old Thermal Cup which accompanied her for more than 20 years. Although the appearance has been polished shiny by the time, the thermal insulation performance is still the good. Grandma Yan, in her nineties, was still full of spirit and smiles and kept saying, “Thank you for coming to see me every year!” For Grandma Yan, being remembered and cared for is what she needs most. She seemed reluctant to leave, shaking hands with us one by one, and taking pictures with us.

At that time, her words “this cup is really good” made us associate with Grandma Yan. Now the elderly in nursing homes represented by Grandma Yan are the best “warm spokespersons” of Solid. We wish you well-being and happiness.

For 28 years, Solid has firmly adhered to social responsibility, held the banner of social responsibility and public love, and carried forward the positive energy of society.


On August 30, 2019, the “CHINA International Industrial Design Innovation Fair 2019”, co-sponsored by China Industrial Design (Shanghai) Research Institute and Mass Media, first appeared in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition gathered leading industrial design enterprises and associations at domestic and abroad, such as Solid Thermal Cup, German Design Committee, Ocosay General Aviation, etc., to lead the industrial design with the title of “Industrial Design, Enabling Innovation and Development”.

Around the theme of “Industrial Design, Enabling Innovation and Development, aiming at “internationalization, specialization and industrialization”, the exhibition will focus on building a platform for interaction and cooperation between industrial design and industrial innovation, displaying the latest achievements and application cases, promoting global industrial design, leading and driving industrial innovation and development.

At the exhibition, Solid exhibited many innovative products, such as the new 70th anniversary national day series products, 3D process small and fresh stainless steel insulating cup “Leyou Cup”, a double-cover “Lemeng Children’s Cup”, Tumber pot “Leyao Pot”, “IF and “IDEA ” design award owner with full stainless steel structure French pot “Leka Pot”, German Red Point Award owner “Leshang Kettle” and “Lezhi Kettle”, Cute Cat desk cup “Lemi Cup” and other series products.


On August 2, 2019, the 3rd Shanghai International Fashion Consumer Goods Expo, sponsored by Shanghai Light Industry Association, opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center. Many famous brands, such as Solid Thermal Cup, Aquarius, Lao Fengxiang, Bee&Flower and Shangling Electric Applianc, participated in the exposition. An Oriental storm blows to the whole world. The new vitality of classic brands opens the Chinese door for international brands.

As the best services, sales platform and promoter of the brand, perfectly transmit, the Fashion Consumer Goods Expo devotes itself to the cross-border innovation of classical brands, enhances the reputation of Shanghai Light Industry famous brands, and conveys good and connotative classical brands to consumers. Solid’s two vacuum products, “Camping Water Bottle with Direction” and “Cute Cat Cup” were awarded of “Deep Population Communication Award” & “Creative Award” respectively.

As a sponsor of China’s National Golf Team and an outstanding representative of Shanghai Foreign Trade Enterprise, SOLID has devoted itself to the stainless steel insulating utensils (cups and pots) industry for 29 years. We integrate R&D, manufacturing and terminal brand services. With advantaged technology, excellent quality, considerate service and social responsibility to get the industry’s leading position.


Recently, with the theme of “Strengthening Scientific and Technological Innovation for a Better Life”, sponsored by China Light Industry Information Center (CILIC) and China Light Industry Federation, successfully concluded the Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises Summit Forum and Licensing Ceremony in Beijing.

At the meeting, a list of top 100 enterprises in light industry science and technology in China was released. The evaluation criteria focused on the comprehensive evaluation of six indicators, such as R&D investment of enterprises in 2018, the number of scientific,technological achievements and so on. Solid Company was awarded the title of “Top 100 Enterprises of Light Industry Science and Technology in China”, ranking 34th, showing a strong R&D strength and comprehensive strength of enterprises.

China Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises Forum is an important platform for light industry superior enterprises to grasp the latest policies, exchange development experience, study industry trends and contorl market pulse. In order to achieve high-quality development and promote the upgrading of China’s light industry, Solid will continue to take innovation as the core, constantly improve the quality of products, services and management level, and give global consumers a better experience of product using.

Why Choose Solid Children Camouflage Cup?

Solid camouflage cup is a special design cup, it is one member of Solid Camouflage cup series. Not only keep the design of camouflage feeling series, but also use red graffiti and blue firefly as innovative colors. It’s suitable for children to drink water any place any time, so it is highly praised by parents and kids.

Solid get a wide praised, it is not only because of special and unique appearance, the most important reason is its raw material and craft. OK, let us look for the characteristics of solid camouflage cups:

1.cap and plug is food level PP BPA FREE, inside and outside walls are use SUS 304 stainless steel, ensure healthy water drinking use.

2.500ml big Volume and can share water with others by cap.

3.Matched wide straps, bright color, easy carry and drinking.

4. Slender bottle and easy holding.

5.24 hours heat preservation temperature over 44 celsius degree , push button switch and strong sealing, easy cooperation.

Solid Camouflage cup is professional design for 5-15 aged children. No matter in school, on the road, or on the travelling, it can meet your drinking requirements. With Solid camouflage series cups, with colorful childhood.

Better quality, better life.      —Solid Company

The 121th Canton Fair

Time: Apr. 23-27,2017
Address: Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, China

In April. 23, 2017, the 121th Canton Fair was opened in Guangzhou China Import & Export Fair. Since the first exhibition in 1993, this is Solidware’s 49th participation for this worldwide well-known event. It is worth mentioning that Solidware IF award products, Germany Red Dot award products and Chinese design Red Star award products were released on this Fair. Solidware has won a “Grand Slam” for the original design products in the past three years!

SOLIDWARE Original Design IF Awarded Coffee Pot

There is a trend that the pot with the vacuum technology will replace the glass-lined pot, the vacuum pot has the goodness of un fragile and safe to use, especially in the commercial environment . That’s what lead us keep on designing and producing the stainless steel drinkware.

About this IF awarded coffee pot, the entry is not a creative design, it is just a product which make a balance between the product and using environment, between the material and process, between using and placing. This is a design in the common product, with the common technology and limited resource to make it best.

The whole design is simply and succinct in visual sense, with the design of press bar type key to make the water easily out just use one hand. Big ice can be easily put in the pot because of the large diameter mouth, and the Outlet drip is proof designed, the lid is easily opened with one hand.

What we want to offer to the user is a product with safe material, stable process, simply shape, and easily to use.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Solid


Shanghai Solidware celebrated his 25 years’ anniversary on the 4th Aug, 2016 at the factory

Square with all the staffs.  Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., one of the earliest producer of making vacuum coffee pots and flasks, has been specializing in the production of stainless steel insulation products for 25 years. It is an integrated enterprise with research and development, production, and brand terminal services. It determined to become an “international boutique cup and pot manufacturer” since its inception in 1991. Solidware always do what he said. For 25 years, the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, the domestic market expands to 50 directly managed stores, distribution channels spread all over many cities in China.


For 25 years, solidware has several insistence: insist on using food-grade SUS304 steel for products both inside and outside ,to ensure that consumers can drink healthy water , to do business with conscience; adhere to not manufacture products with even tiny defective, Solidware only have “qualified products”; Innovation, every employee in each department promote an innovative suggestion each month, abundant award will be given if the suggestion be adopted; Social responsibility, mainly focusing on the health of elder people and the growth of young people.

Early in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, as one of the hosts, Solid had been awarded Expo household metal products and plastic products franchise manufacturer, Solid’s fine bottles, cups, pots, pans and household plastic utensils become Shanghai local brands proud. Five years later, solidware ablaze appeared on Milan Expo again, its kitchen utensils and cups/pots showed on Milan Expo in China Pavilion. On November 19, 2015, in the ceremony of the “China Red Star Design Award” (which enjoy “Oscar” in Chinese industrial design) , Solid’s “one-handed straight drink sports bottles” come to the fore in 6025 products from 18 countries, 1566 companies, won the “China Red star design Award”; 2016 stainless steel insulation industry re-transmitted good news: Solid “able-to-guide camping kettle ” is authorized international design awards –iF design Award. While all this is only the master work of solid people of 25 years’ accumulation outcome, at the same time, it also sounded the horn of solidware promoting the “Chinese wisdom made”.


The 25 years industry development of Solidware is also a epitome of China’s 25 years manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. Solidware believes that “focus, the road to success is not crowded”.


2016 Shanghai city student fitness dance contest fiery end

After three days of intense competition, the fifth period of the national fitness exercises dance contest in Shanghai named “solid, liberation daily cup” Shanghai student fitness exercise dance contest ended at the Shanghai Stadium in July 5th,2016. Eight successive Shanghai city students fitness exercises dance contest has past, solid company is the only sponsor in the last two successive contest.


The event carries many children’s memories of youth, and even accompanied by their way of life. In 2009, the Sports Bureau and the Education Bureau of Xuhui District jointly organized fitness gymnastics competition among primary and middle school students in Xuhui District, encouraging students to organize team freely and take part in the match independently. The activity wins the enthusiastic response of the sports teachers and students in the primary and middle schools once it was launched . In 2011, the scale of fitness gymnastics dance competition titled “Liberation Daily” continuously upgrade , expanding to the whole city, and combined with the national fitness exercises competition . This event was renamed “Solid, liberation daily cup” after the sponsoring of Solid company in 2015,and walked into the Shanghai grand stage. The sound-light feast on the stage let youth display, the brilliance and influence is better than before .


The contest includes of primary school, junior middle school, senior middle school and family group. Total 160 teams from 85 schools of the whole city attended the contest, a total of 1850 people, the number of people is most comparing the previous events.


The international group has been firstly set up in the competition this year, the children are able to enjoy the world’s top rank mien in China. The competition between Russian fitness team and the Chinese team also shows that the Shanghai fitness program gradually integrates with international standards.


Following the selection of “solid vigor baby” last year, this year’s event will focus on team. The introduction of “Youth Dancing group” selection shows the most beautiful youth style of the team.

The general manager Zhangbin of Solid company as an awarding guest awarded 6 “Youth Dance Troupe “, and accepted an interview of the host on the spot. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Solid company establishment, as the sponsor of China National Golf team , solid company wishes the Chinese golf team win a good start in the Brazilian Rio Olympic Games, we will support the development of the national sports fully. Also we will continue to focus on Shanghai Middle School Students fitness dance contest “.


Since 2015, as the leader brand in profession business, solid has been continuing to introduce new products, and won much glory in both the domestic and international market. Solid “one hand straightly drink sports water bottles” was awarded the “China Red Star Design Award which enjoy “Oscar” in the field of China industrial design ;the “guide-way camp kettle” wined international design authority awards — IF award. Recently, on the basis of been awarded the “national light industry performance excellence advanced enterprise” by China Light Industry Federation on three consecutive, solid company won the special award of national light industry performance excellence advanced enterprise issued by China Light Industry Federation. Solid company has been adhering to the practice of social responsibility for many years, this year published company social responsibility report to the society for the third time in a row and was awarded the “social responsibility report issued certificate”.

Solidware Military Canteen SVT-750 was Awarded the IF Design Award

IF  Solidware Product SVT-750 Stainless Steel Vacuum Military/Camping Canteen was awarded the 2016 iF Products Design Award , which is known as the “Design Oscar” that first introduced in 1954.. Every year the iF attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 37 nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality.

Solidware Guide Camping Canteen

This insulating Canteen is tailored specifically for outdoor sports.

The canteen of arch design matches the waistline of people and fits well with the body. Meanwhile, such design can reduce the burden in walk when the canteen is put into the bag.

Solidware Military Canteen

The compass on the cap can tell the direction to facilitate the outdoor sports lovers. The cap can be used as a cup. Its capacity of 100ml is based on the amount of water needed by the body after exercise to promote the concept of healthy drinking. The small opening ensures better insulation effect and the cock controls the flow of water to avoid spill.

The base is detachable and the folding handle can turn it into a simple cooking utensil for camping.

Solidware Military Canteen

Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. won “ADI Recommended Product” honorary title

In the last few days, “GMC Innovation China” event, which is jointly launched by GMC Manufacture Union and Global Market Group, the global contest about Chinese Innovation products has ended, ” Camping kettle can show the way ” from Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.is finally recognized by Associazione per il Disegno Industriale after the product display for four months as one of “the ADI recommended products.”


At the meeting, a list of top 100 enterprises in light industry science and technology in China was released. The evaluation criteria focused on the comprehensive evaluation of six indicators, such as R&D investment of enterprises in 2018, the number of scientific,technological achievements and so on. Solid Company was awarded the title of “Top 100 Enterprises of Light Industry Science and Technology in China”, ranking 34th, showing a strong R&D strength and comprehensive strength of enterprises.

China Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises Forum is an important platform for light industry superior enterprises to grasp the latest policies, exchange development experience, study industry trends and contorl market pulse. In order to achieve high-quality development and promote the upgrading of China’s light industry, Solid will continue to take innovation as the core, constantly improve the quality of products, services and management level, and give global consumers a better experience of product using.

Solid was awarded the honorary title of “One-Star Credit Creation Enterprise of Shanghai”.

After the assessment by Shanghai “the integrity of the enterprise to create” activities organizing committee,Solid was awarded the honorary title of “One-Star Credit Creation Enterprise of Shanghai”.

Solid Was Awarded “Top 500 Asia Brand”

The 8th Asia brand festival held on September 9, 2013, in Hong Kong, announced the” list of Top 500 Asia Brand”, Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co. Ltd was selected gloriously.

The list reflects the competition status of Asian brands comprehensively, and reveals the industry brand influence in Asia, it will provide an important reference for Asian companies, for Asian business, academia, the implementation. Samsung Group, Toyota, Haier group, Wuliangye, Gome, Air China, CSR, ICBC, Kinghood, Singapore FHK group, etc.